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10/28/18, 8:22 PM   #1
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I know some may still make a few more races, but in all probability weíve attended our last race of 2018. We saw 24 sprint car features this year, 14 non wing (12 USAC and 2 MSCS) and 10 winged (5 WoO, 1 MOWA and 4 Knoxville Nationals).

Of the races we attended, the best non wing feature was the USAC feature at Pevely, MO on Sept. 1. 3 wide racing, multiple lead changes, and a first time winner in Jason McDougal. The best winged feature was the Knoxville Nationals Saturday night A Main. Yes, Brad Sweet led most of the laps, but the racing by Kyle Larson and Donny Schatz battling for second was amazing!

The worst non wing feature for us was the Bloomington ISW race. Unfortunately, there just wasnít much passing in that race. KTJ won the Hard Charger award for advancing from 6th to 2nd. On the winged side, the Sunday night WoO race at Volusia in February was probably the worst. Donny Schatz was dominant and although it got close at the end thanks to a late yellow, the outcome was never in doubt.

It was a great season, a relatively safe season at the races we attended (yes, I know we lost Jason Johnson and Greg Hodnett this year) we got to hang out with some great people and canít wait for 2019!

So how many did you get to this year, and what was your best and worst race?
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10/28/18, 9:38 PM   #2
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Probable went around 30 nights this year. Still have Saturday night of Western World, St Louis Dome and DuQuoin to go.

Best race was the Saturday A main at Knoxville as mentioned above. Electric atmosphere. Friday night of the Dirt Late Model dream was great. Long rain delay left a show that ended around 2:30 AM. Racing was great though. Also the Prairie Dirt Classic for woo late models at Fairbury was top notch as usual. It was highlighted by a furious 16th to 1st run by Bobby Pierce in the non qualifier feature. Crowd was insane. Also the bikes on Springfield Mile on Labor Day were wild. Margin of of victory was about 5 inches.

Worst race was probably LaSalle Waite Memorial. Track got a late start and left a late running Sunday night show. Sprint feature was decent but there was no time for track prep before late models. Brian Shirley is one of my favorites and he got the win but the race was a dud.
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10/29/18, 1:11 AM   #3
Re: How many, best and worst race
Points is online now
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Made 34 events at 18 different tracks this year. Probably done but if the heavens line up just right I'll make one of those indoor shows.

Going to go with the BC39 race for best. Good venue, atmosphere, well planned and put together and some really good racing. Runner ups Fairbury Powri /Mowa / Ira in July, Usac at Knoxville and Balog running down Smoke to make last corner passes for the win on two different nights in Plymouth Wi.

Gotta go with the late season LaSalle race also for not cutting it. I have seen some good stuff there and will go again but it just wasn't happening that night.
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10/29/18, 8:20 AM   #4
Re: How many, best and worst race
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I only got to 18 races this year and three of those got rained out before the program was completed. I lost count of how many shows I intended to go to but rain caused them to be canceled.

Best race was the Wingless Super Sportsman at TrailWays Speedway on June 1st. Worst was Lincoln Speedway on August 18th. Rain ended the night after just the 410 Sprint feature.
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10/29/18, 9:36 AM   #5
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Have no idea how many races I attended this year, not enough. Best race was BC39 at IMS. Donít have a worst race , guess if I did I might think about not attending another one.
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10/29/18, 10:03 AM   #6
Re: How many, best and worst race
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We will have attended approximately 30 races this year by the time we leave Du Quoin on December 15th.

The best? Hands down it was The Bettenhausen Memorial 100 at The Springfield Mile in August. The 2018 Bettenhausen was easily one of the best races we've ever seen and by far the best Silver Crown 100 miler we've ever seen. That's saying something since the 2017 Bettenhausen was nearly as good as 2018. Runner up for best goes to the USAC National Sprint Car show at Pevely, Missouri. 3rd best goes to the POWRi National Midget show at Mighty Macon Speedway on Saturday night following the Bettenhausen Memorial at the Fairgrounds. THAT was some day, and night, of racing!!

The worst? Would have to be the WoO Sprint Car event at Fairbury American Legion Speedway in Fairbury, Illinois. It was a rubbered up freight train from about lap 10 to the finish and FALS didn't have nearly enough push trucks and those that were there weren't all that proficient.
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10/29/18, 10:34 AM   #7
Re: How many, best and worst race
Eric Smith
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I managed to spectate a whopping 2 nights in 2018. An Outlaw show at I-96 and a late model Hell Tour race at Thunderbird. Racing was great both nights although I can't even tell you who won the sprint race now. The best was the sprints, because it was the sprints and the worst was the late models by default.
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10/29/18, 10:47 AM   #8
Re: How many, best and worst race
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The worst was 2007 Bob Darland Memorial! Dave led 29 and 3/4 laps then got passed with 1/4 lap to go!
The best was 2008 Bob Darland when he led the last 1/4 lap! And won!! :22
Sorry if you meant best and worst of 2018! If you did the answer is best: Haubstadt SprintWeek!!
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10/29/18, 11:51 AM   #9
Re: How many, best and worst race
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ISF mentions the Bettenhausen. I forgot that one. I agree with his assessment. It was the best Silver Crown race I have seen at the Springfield Mile. Have seen around 20 of them since the early 90's. I was at the WoO at Fairbury also. It didn't run as late as LaSalle so it stayed ahead of it for "worst". It was decent track until the feature IMO.
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10/29/18, 12:15 PM   #10
Re: How many, best and worst race
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So I only made it to 10 races in 2018 and I can honestly say I never saw a bad one. The best being the BC39 at IMS it was simply fantastic! If there was a worst it would have to be the Smackdown Final since it was ran on a Thursday and I was unable to attend so my tickets were wasted. I had used my extra time on the BC39 so you win some you lose some. But I can tell you this if you are at any track watching racing it's a win win! Have a great Off season everyone! For those of you lucky enough that your season isn't over. Have fun and enjoy yourselves and safe travels!

Scott McCloskey ( BunkHouse Gang Member)
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