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7/17/18, 3:10 AM   #21
Re: 2018 Kings Royal Delights
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Originally Posted by i love dirt track racing View Post
Practice makes perfect for the wall when Nascar trucks racing events Wednesday night. Lol.
Our racing family's had a great weekend at Eldora and looking forward to see you guys at indiana sprint week racing events. Have fun and enjoy all the great things that we all love. Thanks.
Have they ever used enough water on the NASCAR night for any wall scrapping needing to be done?
Jason Dull
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7/17/18, 7:29 AM   #22
Re: 2018 Kings Royal Delights
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Originally Posted by Stevensville Mike View Post
I am somewhat surprised no one has started a KR thread, but....

One of the coolest things I ever saw at a track was last night for the National Anthem. The girl got up to sing and dedicated the song to all members of the service. Then, as she started singing (quite beautifully), two guys on horseback came out onto the track from the Turn 3 fence. The horses were galloping with one guy holding an American flag and the other holding a POW-MIA flag. It was great.

Prior to that, after hot laps, the crew got out to scrape the mud off of the walls in Turns 1 and 3. Eldora had one of their push trucks hook up a vertical scraper to the left front fender and drove clockwise through Turns 2 and 1, scraping the wall vice just having crew members use individual scrapers and making stripes. I looked at the guy sitting next to me and we both agreed that it was about time that someone came up with a more easier way to perform this process.

Every time Rico passed a car. By far the fan's favorite.

And finally, Donny Schatz wins is third KR in a row. As he got out of his car, the noise level rose tenfold. I haven't heard fans that loud since Sammy was in his prime.

Thanks for the show, Eldora. More than worth the trip.
I completely agree Mike it was a great night and Schatz showed once again why he is the best right now! But The Big Cat was coming on strong at the end and Donny knew it! Rico put on a great show charging from the 24th starting position to a 9th place finish just think if he could have had just a little bit better starting spot! The opening ceremonies were awesome! But there was one thing about the weekend that I completely disliked and that how they are now doing the 50/50! I believe if you aren't present at the racetrack you shouldn't be able to win the money. But that's a whole different story for another time and place! People on here might not like wings but this years Kings Royal didn't disappoint on the track one bit!

Scott McCloskey "BunkHouse Gang"
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