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4/22/17, 12:41 AM   #1
Fontana Midget Engine Questions
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Recently moved out of micros and into midgets, where I purchased a Stealth with a Fontana. After doing hours of research, there isn't much to find about Fontana's. I was curious as to the following questions and if anyone would be of some knowledge. I know that Gaerte works on them, as well as Esslinger has the castings for the block and head, and will start working on them as soon as the BB7 is finished. If anyone can be of help with the following questions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Who manufactures cylinder heads? (Intake & Exhaust on same side)
What heads will bolt on the block? (Yates C3/Ford SC1)

If anyone has any other information, let me know!
4/22/17, 2:45 AM   #2
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Call Aj felker fsc chassis he bought the remainder of the castings etc
4/22/17, 8:24 AM   #3
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Yep call AJ
4/22/17, 10:10 AM   #4
Re: Fontana Midget Engine Questions
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A text to AJ might work better or maybe a PM on his face book page aj felker racing/fsc chassis
4/22/17, 6:28 PM   #5
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Over time, Fontana has had blocks that will accept Chevy, Ford or Fontana cylinder heads. Even started one to receive a Mopar head at one point. The bolt patterns are all different, so each block is fairly specific. The lifter placement and valley plate area are also different on each one.

Push rod angles on a Chevy specifically are odd. Takes big offset lifters and rocker arms to get them fairly aligned.

AJ Felker owns the remaining inventory that he bought at the auction. I think that included some bare blocks and heads, you will have to ask him though.

Bill Buckley (Esslinger) owns the name, patterns, molds and intellectual property.

Rick Paradis at Gearte has more knowledge on the engine than anyone alive.
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