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8/13/17, 5:32 PM   #11
Re: Silver crown at winchester
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Very enjoyable day at Salem! We arrived early and spent the hottest part of the day enjoying the picnic tables located in the shade under the grandstand. The track food was good and reasonably priced. Saw several familiar faces during the day and made some new acquaintences.
The stock cars provided an entertaining opening to the evening program. The Joe James-Pat O'Connor Memorial started right on time and the very competitive 75 lap feature ended by 8:25PM (Evansville time). Really glad I decided to go to this historic venue. Even though there were only fourteen Silver Crown cars entered, I am not going to complain. The event was very competitive, with plenty of wheel to wheel action. This was only the third time the Silver Crown cars had run at Salem. I missed the first event in 1988, and last year there was heavy rain all around Salem, so I didn't chance the trip. Glad to see a good fan turnout for this event, as I'm sure the promoter lost his shirt on last years event. Looking forward to the 2018 renewal of this event!
Ron Miller
8/13/17, 6:13 PM   #12
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Originally Posted by BrentTFunk View Post
They would both be good
I agree, both should be racing on Sunday's making big money!
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8/13/17, 8:05 PM   #13
david mitchell
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Actually rhody,a comma after translation would be used,not a dash.🙉
8/13/17, 8:51 PM   #14
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Was a little disappointed at first with 14 cars, but soon after the start realized that "Wow"it takes 2 cars to make a race, and there was 4-5 for 40 laps running close.Kody ran almost same line for 75 laps, glad to see Aaron Pierce run well.Went away very satisfied with show, and then the icing on the cake was when we were at Wendy's drive thru and heard more racing, and discovered racing at Fairgrounds track, Dang 2 racetracks in one town!!!
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8/13/17, 9:37 PM   #15
Re: Silver crown at winchester
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[QUOTE=david mitchell;480004]Very much enjoyed last night at salem.if i had an indycar kody swanson would have been in it last week.he is the whole package.talent,personality,fan suited to follow bryan's legacy.ten more cars,winchester,and watch the stands overflow.usac has a product that is great,they need to be able to put a plan in place to make it better.getting six to seven more cars that will run the pavement shows should not be the hardest thing on planet to accomplish.[

Dave drive up to Westfield and look at the soccer fields and softball, baseball fields and one can see what the snowflake gen wants.And paid with tax dollars.
8/13/17, 10:24 PM   #16
david mitchell
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More truth in this post than all others.sadly.
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