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8/9/16, 10:43 AM   #1
Liquidation Sale
stock car mechanic
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For Sale:
2 complete Triple X midgets, one with 2 races, one with 12 races.

DMI rears, adjustable pocket milled motor plates, Wilwood brakes, light steering gear, Advance shocks and springs, Schroeder torsion bars, carbon fibre bodies.

Additional parts: torsion bars, arms, stops, radius rods, shocks, wheels, quick change gears, C+R engine heater, front axles, rear end, nerfs and bumpers, torque tube, hubs, oil tank, headers, MSD and efi ignition and wiring harnesses, radiators, lithium batteries and chargers.

Complete Beast dirt midget. Ready for engine, same bolt on parts as the Triple X cars, some spares.

Beast dirt midget frame with body, front axle, radius rods, torsion arms and stops.

3 Esslingers

1 standard head, milled block, titanium, very light, lots of torque. Great for indoors or small tracks. 10 races since refreshed.

2 reverse head- 1 MSD, 1 EFI
MSD engine has track record at Western World, 6 wins, 15 Powri races since refreshed.
EFI engine won Western World and finished second at Turkey Nite. 9 races since refreshed and 20 since new from Esslinger.

We really enjoyed midget racing and getting to know the fine folks in the Midwest. Just looking to race a little closer to home.

Contact Shane Hmiel


Beast Roller has been sold
8/16/16, 6:41 AM   #2
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How much for a triple x roller
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Liquidation Sale

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