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1200racing (Offline)
  #1 10/7/15 2:15 PM
2005 ERC Lightning Sprint for sale...Race Ready ...$5000.00
Includes 04-06 R1, with good compression. On Gas.
Brand New Saldana radiator with fan. 0 Races. 16"x16" Triple Pass
Brand New Fuel Pump. 1 Race. Wahlbro
Extra parts motor.
Extra Bailey Frame, Bare. needs blasting.
Extra tail tank.
Two Extra front axles.
Extra Hood and arm guard.
Top Wing is good but needs some attention. 16SF, 4x4.
(262) 994-9371

Located in Racine, WI
TM123 (Offline)
  #2 10/20/15 11:37 AM
Is the bare frame available seperately? If so how much?
1200racing (Offline)
  #3 11/17/15 8:29 PM
Yes it is.
1200racing (Offline)
  #4 3/31/16 7:53 PM
New Price...Race Ready.
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