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antoon (Offline)
  #1 3/9/19 4:28 PM
Hello everybody,
I am looking for a cheap projector, which I can use for my PS4.
Would like to beam outside on my house wall in summer and watch some movies, maybe even play FIFA or similar games.
hristo (Offline)
  #2 3/19/19 4:56 AM
I have this little one ( for half a year in the living room and am excited every day. Until now, no one has complained about the picture and my buddies were also amazed what comes out of the small box.
In my home the projector has completely replaced the TV, it consumes 35W and produces a 65" picture on the screen.
Very important for gaming: If you have a model in mind, you should search relevant forums for latency times - just a projector with image enhancement algorithms can have such a significant lag when playing, especially in shooter or racer games.
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