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2009 New Stallard mini sprint
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I have a new 2009 Stallard car for sale.

It was a show room model when I got this past spring and never finished putting it together.

It has never been powder coated or raced. It is a 4 bar car, full body, it has both the wrap around left shoulder panel and the left small panel,front lower panel is carbon fiber and it has a few spare lower pieces that are carbon fiber, wing actuator, top and front wing trees, sunvisor, both front and rear complete axels, rear and front left brake, honda sliding motor mount, saldana radiator, all bumpers and nerfs, 2 carb loop nerfs, spare right side battle nerf bar, all wheel hubs, bolt kit, jacobs ladder, pan hard bar, radius rods, heim joints, the car is not far from being a roller, does not come with fuel tank.

I have a wing and shocks that I could sell if needed,

$5,000.00 firm. The only partial trade I might be interested in is a 07-08, 2 mil honda, prefer it to be from NPS.

Located north west of Indianapolis in Anderson, Indiana

317-984-5092, if no answer leave a message and be sure to mention stallard in message.
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Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Mini-Sprint Classifieds > 2009 New Stallard mini sprint

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