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4/27/20, 9:09 AM   #1
WTB: TQ midget rear
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looking to buy winters or acro tq midget rear, does not need to have axles just looking for the center section.

I am in north east Pennsylvania, willing to drive outta state each direction
Call or text: 570-810-8862 ask for Seth for any inquiries
5/19/20, 9:14 AM   #2
Re: WTB: TQ midget rear
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Noticed you still had your ad open, what are your intentions, I was going thru my extra's last week, and noticed I had quite a few Winters parts, center sections, maybe a rear cover, side bells, and I also have a complete, very nice rear axle, name escapes me now, but it is all current stuff, if you're interested, maybe I got something you can use, if you let me in on your plan, PM me and maybe I can help, I've been in this for many years. Bob
"Being old, isn't half as much fun, as getting there"! Ole Robert I!
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > WTB: TQ midget rear

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