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RickII (Offline)
  #1 11/27/18 1:07 AM
Midget Sellout

2010 Spike,

Fontana one race old sense rebuilt. new head

Brand new fuel filters

New oil lines

Complete spare front end

Steering arms

2 Jacobs ladders

Set of rear arms and rear stops

Spare bell housing

Spare adjustable shocks

Complete set of rear gears

Hot box

Spare radiator

Spare tail tank and bladder

Misc front spring

Radius rods

Misc Rear tires

Wheels and Tires

Right Rear - 4

Left Rears - 4

and other spares

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rick Cook
Bug2237 (Offline)
  #2 11/27/18 10:13 AM
Are you willing to part out things or you trying to sell as a whole
RickII (Offline)
  #3 11/28/18 2:18 AM
I would like to sell everything. Getting out of it.
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