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10/1/19, 3:12 PM   #1
Midget team sell out
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I have 2 midgets for sale and can sell them multiple ways.

Car #24 narrow body stealth.
Everything is nearly brand new on this car (15 laps). Car was completely stripped down in the end of 2017 frame was completely updated and every weld checked. Car is very straight brand new powder coat and body. All torsion arms, torsion bars, coil overs, radius rods, birdcages, torque tube, torque tube housing, driveshaft, 17 ultrashield seat, brakes, brake line, fuel line, oil lines, water line, radiator and front axle only 15 laps old. Front axle, radius rods, birdcages, and torsion stops all have titanium hardware. Rear axle is winters and only has 15 laps since it was completely refreshened. Shocks are all CSI gas shocks. Fronts are single adjustable and rear are both double adjustable 15 laps since CSI refreshened them. All have in cockpit adjusters. Dsr fuel pump was just rebuilt as well as the power steering pump and steering gear.
The motor is a 166 Fontana bored to 168. The motor was just completely gone through. New pistons, rods, titanium valves and springs. The injection system was just updated to use newer style nozzles. Headers and muffler also new. Have complete dyno and build sheets. The oil filter backed out under caution and motor locked up. No metal shavings in remaining oil and no hole in the block.
This car also has more spare parts than I could list out this includes: a msd midget 2 channel programmable ignition system, engine parts, suspension parts and everything else that I can find for it.
I will sell this car 1 of 2 way
Car with csi shocks, adjusters and all spare parts $13,000
Car without csi shocks, adjusters and spares $10,000

Car #39 wide body stealth
This is a d2 midget with a Ford Focus motor in it. All fuel lines where redone 6 races ago. Dsr fuel pump was rebuilt 6 races ago. New nozzles 6 races old. Rear shocks: lr is single adjustable, rr is gas single adjustable. 1 cockpit adjuster. Radiator 6 races old. Torsion bars 6 races old. Oil changed after every race.
Car with spare wheels $10,000

Will sell everything including tires and all gear sets that go with both cars for $23,000

Can send additional pictures upon request
Please text Tim at (719) 337-6760
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10/15/19, 11:23 AM   #2
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Join Date: Feb 2013
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Willing to trade d2 midget for race ready non wing sprint car
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Midget Classifieds > Midget team sell out

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