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10/3/19, 3:24 PM   #1
Esslinger XT
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5 Races from fresh. Engine has oil pump, power steering pump, Fiberglass timing cover and set of ignition pickups installed.

Comes with;
2 full wiring harnesses 1 with on/off switch
1 spare tach wire
2 MSD programmable ignition boxes
2 MSD coil packs
1 MSD programming cable
1 spare set of ignition pick-ups
2 K&N air filters; 1 new, 1 5 races old
1 K&N new air filter carbon bottom with aluminum plate uncut
2 sets of headers with collectors
1 straight pipe with clamp
1 complete yoke 5 races old
1 tach holder
1 Waterman cable drive fuel pump. NO cable, NO back clamp, pump was mounted to plate.
1 full set of by-passes that ran with engine and pump
1 engine stand
1 engine shipping crate

Pictures are too big to attach. Text or email to request pictures.

Joel Rayborne
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