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power steering pumps
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I have a spike midgetthat has a kse power steering pump mounted on the motorplate. I was running a gaerte engine. I have a new generation fontanna that I have installed. I've been told that I have to get a different pump because that the rotation is different. I didn't know that kse made different pumps. Please advise:headbang
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Re: power steering pumps
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KSE made a pump commonly refered to as the "Black" pump because of the black anodizing on part of it. The Black pump was a pump that could be reversed.

The newer KSE pump is refered to as the "Blue" pump because of it's anodizing color. While that pump is a higher flow pump, it cannot be reversed.

Why the pump has to be reversed is because the cam shaft direction in a Fonatana is different than a Gearte.

If you have any problems finding a pump, email me a and maybe I can help. If you already have a black pump and all it needs is reversed, and you are not sure how to do it, feel free to email as well.

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