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4/15/12, 11:01 AM   #1
OT Buck down
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I went for a relaxing walk this morning and saw something I never saw. We had a buck run up on us. After a few minutes I stood up to shooo it away and it freaked out stumbled and fell off a small rock outcrop. It rolled twice got up and sprinted right into a fence. I thought for sure it had a broken back. After a few minutes of it blatting like a baby, and flopping around I couldnt take it no more I went down to it cradled its head and talked to it like a dog and it settled down. All its extremities were moving when it was flopping and being it shared one of its nubs right off his head I figured head injury. After about 5 minutes it was now or never so I proped my knee under his chest and after almost being kicked in the head about 10 times I got him to his feet. He stumbled and fell 3 or 4 times but eventually went out of sight on all fours. I pray when I go back up the hill just before dark he'll be gone, because if not I'll have to shoot him. I wont let the coyotes tear him apart. Well a happy ending. We took the tracking dog up followed sign for a couple hundred yards, seems deer was able to move from area.
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