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2010 Twister sell or trade
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2010 Twister chassis 4 total races on frame and components built Sept 2010, 10 laps on brand new OCRS legal 360 motor w/willys 2bbl carb, MSD ignition, all plumbing new pushlock, AN fittings, Brand New Dual core Radiator, Titanium LF brake, Half Box steering, LW rear axle Winters 4:11 ratio, Afco shocks all components Fresh, clean & spotless. Selling as package and will not part out. No Seat, Belts

Spares: 11 (3 LR, 2 RR, 4 Fronts, 2 w/o tires)wheels and Good Year,Am Racer, Hoosier tires 80% or better
4:11 Winters Rear End
8 Afco, Advanced and Pro Shocks
8 Sets of Gears
4 Weld/Duralight/DMI front hub assemblies
1 Chrome 50" axle
1 Black 50" axle
1 Chrome complete axle assembly
Titanium splined LR Roter
Red Devil Caliper
Clay Klepper Header rack for trailer
Rear bumper
Side Nerfs
RR Weld Wheel (needs outer half)
Approx 15 Radius Rods and heims
Drag links
Motor plate
Front and Rear Torsion Arms approx 10
Torsion stops steel and alum. approx 10
Matching New Spare Lightning Top Wing
Matching New Spare Lightning Nose Wing
Spare red Nose Wing
Spare Top Wing (Needs repaint, has been patched)
text 9186one6five547 for pics
trade for midget of same caliber or toter
Reply Indiana Open Wheel > Truck & Trailer Classifieds > 2010 Twister sell or trade

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