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Interesting thoughts and agree that the history of sprint car racing is not well documented. I grew up near Martinsville and as a youngster I watched races at Paragon, Bloomington, Brownstown, and Lawrenceburg. As I got older my dad became involved with Indy car racing so I got very interested in following that sport from the late 70's through part of the 80's and got away from watching sprints. It wasn't until we moved to Kokomo, from Ohio, in the late 90's that I became addicted to sprint car racing. I often remember the names Beavers, Gilstrap, Gaines, Kinser, etc from my early days. However, there is a big gap in my history and I enjoy hearing stories on this site from the old days.

Bill, I really appreciate what you do on this site to promote the sport and keep us informed. Thanks.
Dane Bowers
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