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Originally Posted by Stephen Cording View Post
Sorry for posting this within a Sprint Car Forum.

We're all packed and ready to fly out for ISW and as is the law in such things Ailsa's Cell Phone (No I don't own my own!) has decided that today it will break down.

So the plan is to just purchase a very cheap and basic Cell Phone on a pay-as-you-go option.

Here in the UK you can buy a $10 phone from a supermarket and a pay-as-you-go SIM card and top up voucher over the counter. And basically walk out with a working cell phone with say $10 credit on it (for a total spend of $20)

I'm assuming this will be the same deal in the USA?

Any advice on best Pay-as-you-go provider for use in the Mid West.

Guessing that big evil supermarket that starts with 'W' would be the cheapest place to shop?

It would be nice to have a provider that has a long time period of non-use / credit life. So we can keep the same phone and number on visits.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Again sorry for posting Non-Sprint Car topic matter.
No apology needed!

As far as I'm concerned your question is sprint car related. You're traveling a long ways just to be a part of our racing community during ISW. If you have any questions... Please don't hesitate to ask!!

As for your question... I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about the pay as you go phones here in the US.