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Elite w/ Esslinger BB7 sellout
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Asking $40,000obo
Car is race ready minus seat!
This would make a great car to rent out at chili bowl! It has a very large cockpit so anybody will fit. I am 6'6" and fit well in it.
Selling everything I have for midget racing!

Text or Call Kyle @ 317-448-6308

Esslinger BB7 - 5 races from BRAND NEW (Willing to sell engine separate from car)
Tall Cage Elite Midget Chassis
(Has up & down pedal but have parts to convert to swing brake)
Lightweight plumbing
Mostly all Ti Bolts
KSE Half Box (Black) - 10 races from new
DMI Bulldog Rear End - 10 races from refresh
Wilwood Brakes
Weld Hubs
Integra gas shocks
Simpson Belts- 5 races from new
Used Walker Air Filter
19 Gal. Saldana Tank w/ Bladder

VRP Gas Shocks
AFCO Adjustable Shocks
Front Axle with DMI Hubs
Bare front Axle
Nerf Bars
Jacobs Ladder
Rear Brake Mount
Misc. Rods
New Walker Air Filter
Rear Torsion Arms
Torque Tube and Ball
Torsion Stops
Rear end gasket
Heim Joints
Longer stacks for Injection (More HP less torque)
1 Brand new bead lock ring

4 Fronts
4 Right Rears
2 Left Rears
(Mostly All Ti Bolts)

Wheel Knocker
Bead Breaker
Everything to convert car to cable drive
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