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Just a bunch of supermodifieds - the 1960's
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Hello IOW friends,

Most of these photos I am sure many have already seen a time or two.

A few photos of Oswego Speedway's long racing history.

Supermodified veterans, champions, legends, and friends from here and there at the Big "O."

Have a good day...see you at the races

Photos by Rich - Arnold, Missouri

8 Jimmy Shampine - New York

2 Ronnie Lux - New York

0 Todd Gibson - Ohio

77 Herman Wise - Georgia

62 Baldy Baker - Ohio & 86 Mike Johnson - Indiana

3 "The Stecks Buick" - I am not sure of the driver during the 1965 Oswego Classic - time trials listed the driver as AJ Wilmack, but the final results listed the driver as Paul Womack

64 Dean Mast

54 Buzz Gregory

17 Ed Vanderlaan - Michigan