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After alot of discussion we have decided to offer everything we own that is mini Sprint related. The car is a Foz G1 with a 2007 R1 and is complete and ready to race minus seat. The car has CSI shocks all the way around, bladder tank, ceramic bearings, has had one small bar replaced on bottom. Car is freshly powder coated and has been completely gone thru and put back together and has not been on track this year. I also have another complete G1 frame that goes with it as well. I have a enough parts to build 2 complete race cars. Spare shocks,wings, tires, wheels, gears, radius rods, torsion bars, torsion arms, torsion stops, birdcages, calipers,to much to list. No not going separate or trade for anything $8750.00 937-606-1088
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