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Re: Where is the history of our sport!!!!
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Bill, I couldn't agree more. When you were working on the Lincoln Park history I looked at some of my National Speed Sport News issues starting in 1977. Not only did I not find news for Lincoln Park, there wasn't all that much for other Indiana tracks. I guess back then some of them just didn't think it was important to send in results. I do remember a number of years ago looking at the sports page of the Indianapolis paper on a Monday (I think) and finding results for sprint car races Indiana for the weekend. I seem to remember there were 7 or more tracks. Is that possible? I would guess the paper has back issues on file, so some work might at least get historical results. With the rich history which Indiana has, it certainly seems that it would be a worthwhile endeavor to collect as much as possible, including some sort of index to other sources.
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