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Re: RIP Steve Chrisman
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Originally Posted by racinrich View Post
Kevin Doty won 6 USAC races in the Chrisman 25. 3 at Eldora, 2 at North Vernon and 1 at the Burg. He also won several non USAC shows. One that comes to mind was a late 90s Sheldon Kinser memorial at Bloomington where he completely obliterated the field.

Thank-you. (I was WAY off...maybe he had won 2 of those in one year, as my memory). It was cool to follow - mostly via NSSN (other than Sun Prairie, we went there about every week) - what we all could, b4 the www took off...different times, thats for sure...

But ya, seems like Stever & Kevin were a pretty good combo for a few years! May they both Rest in Peace.
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