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Re: The new Dirt Track at Edgewater plans on racing this yea
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Originally Posted by motorhead748 View Post
If those that are fighting this track would just let it happen I suspect it'd be gone on its own in time.

Honestly, I agree with this: If at least two tracks don't get together and make arrangements either alternate weekends or some sort of combined championship $$$ FOUR DIRT TRACKS won't survive within 50mi of each other. Seven if you extend that a bit to include North Vernon, Atomic and Brush Creek.

Attica and Fremont have survived by working together amidst a half a dozen other dirt tracks trying to do their own thing

Really, the only two classes you could almost guarantee getting full fields of is Econo Mods and Hornets without some agreement or incentive your just diluting already shrinking fields of sprints and LMS.
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