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Re: POWRI "Battle at the Center" this Saturda
Mark Walter
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Hi Folks...just wanted to stop by and thank those who bought the PPV. We are sorry for the problems some folks experienced. I answered numerous emails in the 5 hours the show was running. Unfortunately we could not get everybody squared away.

This was not my first PPV, however the lessons learned will transmit into a better experience for the next one we do. This particular event we used a tried and true Windows media platform provided by a company I've done business with in the past. Windows Media use to be the medium of choice for these types of shows, that is no longer the case.

Subsequent shows will use Flash and probably be based on Ustreams paid platform. This is similar to the program USAC uses for their streams. We stream all events at 500K, so the quality will be top notch. I have found Flash transmits well across all OS, Windows and MAC. We did not have a viable PPV portal to use flash this time, however that will change for any future races we will webcast as PPV.

My hats off to NeWave Productions for their masterful camera work, instant replays and interviews. I'm certain the Lucas On The Edge show will be exceptional.

A huge thanks to Kenny Brown and the folks at Powri for being so accommodating with our and NeWave's needs. I've never worked with a promoter that was as open and supporting as your group. You guys are the best, we look forward to working with you again!

Again, thanks for your business...we will work hard to make the next feed as trouble free as possible.
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