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Re: Methanol question
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Originally Posted by TQ29m View Post
Ever watch "moonshiners"? How they ck their product? About the same deal with alcohol, only I use a Jiffy peanut butter jar, about a pint size one, put it half full of good clean water, and the same amount of your alcohol, shake it real good, and if it clears up quick, it's OK, if it doesn't, I'd have someone with a hydrometer ck it, or buy yourself one, they aren't that expensive, eBay has them. Lots of bad alcohol out there this time of year, overstock from last season, not stored properly, bad stuff. You might be getting some discoloration from the filter, just take the filter off, and drain some thru without it, quick ck. Bob
Bob I learned this trick the hard way. Dad always kept jars of moonshine (200 proof) he got from a friend around in the deep freeze. He would take a sip ever so often and mark the jar. Well about 15 years old me and a couple of friends decided to try it out. We drank about a forth of it and I went to the tap and filled it up to the line again with tap water. A couple of weeks later he goes for a sip of shine. He shook that jar up real good and I can still hear him yelling my name. That old shine clouded up because of the tap water and I caught Holly Hell for messing up his shine.
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