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Originally Posted by flagboy55 View Post
This is a odd topic for me. I remember as a kid anticipating the story and results of the Little 500 in the Speed Sport the first week in June every year. I remember telling Dad, we need to go to this. I remember pulling for Frank Riddle, Bentley Warren, many other greats that ran the race. Well we never made it to Memorial Day tradition. As time has passed, for some reason Iíve become to view it as a novelty event. In spite of the fact that some of my most respected race fan friends, a couple of whom are involved with the race, tout how great an event it is, I still canít seem to move it up my bucket list. Iím going to get there someday, but not going to be this one. I hope the race is awesome and everyone has a great time. For me, maybe next year
Need to see it before you run out of next years.🙂
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