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Re: usac this weekend.
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Originally Posted by racenut69 View Post
These races got rained out last year,so let's just be glad they are coming back!....Go and enjoy the show!...
Aaand cancelled the year before that. I did notice though that these two races are $6,000 to win and $600 to start though (as opposed to the typical $5,000 to win and $500 to start). Almost an extra $8,000 added to the overall purse (possibly from the Brandt sponsorship?). $1,000+ all the way to 8th. Maybe this will help guys feel a little bit better about the trip over to the St. Louis Metro? Here's to hoping!

It looks like the WAR guys have the weekend off, unless i'm missing something? Maybe we can get a few of those guys to come out. I would think Clouser at least would consider it since he's made his way to Indiana for some racing. I'm trying to think of guys that have experience at these tracks as well (in midgets and winged sprints). Maybe Joe B Miller? Daum? Terry Babb? Logan Faucon (not sure if his car is back together after his big ride at Brownstown)?

All that said i'm going to go ahead and say Bacon might be the favorite for Tri-City at least, with his experience on the track. This is going to be many of the USAC guys' first time on that 3/8th and Pevely too.
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