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sun8130 1/19/15 1:24 PM

(2) Race Ready Spikes
(2) Race Ready 2010 Spikes

Car 1:
2010 Spike
Carbon body with fresh black paint
Fresh ARS gas adjustable before Chili Bowl
Fresh Gearte Chevy beore Chili bowl
Fresh Rear and steering before Chili Bowl
Keizer Black anodized wheels

$ 16,000.00

Car 2:
2010 Spike
Fiberglass and aluminum body
Fresh ARS gas shocks before Chili Bowl
Fresh W9 Mopar before Chili Bowl
Fresh Rear and steering before chili bowl
Keizer black anodized wheels

$ 23,000.00

Call with any questions. Scott 317-281-7689

sun8130 3/10/15 8:23 AM

Re: (2) Race Ready Spikes
Cars still available. top notch equipment. will sell race ready, race ready with spares, as rollers, or motors only. call 317-281-7689.

sun8130 5/24/15 8:51 PM

Re: (2) Race Ready Spikes
** New Pricing **

Cars still available

Mopar car made 2014 midget week features with Tyler Courtney

Gearte car made peliminary night Chili Bowl A-main with Frank Flud

can make deal with spares or any package wanted.

reasonable offers considered.

Call Scott 317-281-7689

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