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racer76x 4/2/14 10:42 AM

Re: TQ Midget for sale
Looking for cash.. already have another race car.

racer76x 4/14/14 9:48 AM

Re: TQ Midget for sale
Need to sell, make an offer

Brandon Watson 8/6/14 6:39 PM

Do you still have car for sale and how much are you asking if you do?

joetreeboy 8/28/14 12:07 PM

Re: TQ Midget for sale
how much at this point

drtracr 8/14/18 6:50 PM

Re: TQ Midget for sale

Originally Posted by Sullivan69Racing (Post 368308)
Looking for just cash or looking for a anther race car in a trade?

how much

Matt Arrington 8/16/18 8:27 AM

Re: TQ Midget for sale

Originally Posted by drtracr (Post 500251)
how much

I'm not sure why this was dug up after 4 years but this car is no longer available and I would appreciate if folks would stop texting and calling about the car now that the post is back to the top. It is not available.

trannyman 8/16/18 10:09 AM

Your last post says need to follow up with sold or not available.I can see where there could be confusion to availability.

Matt Arrington 8/16/18 11:38 AM

Re: TQ Midget for sale
Thanks Trannyman for the input. It's 4 years old but I can see the confusion. /s There was absolutely no interest in it four years ago but now it's a hot topic!! I'd appreciate if everyone would stop commenting on the post now and let it fade back into oblivion from whence it came! I don't have access to the account that it was posted under and can't attempt to delete or I would.

If an admin is available please delete this thread. Thanks.

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