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Poorboyjocko 1/4/19 7:33 PM

Looking for two couplers that go on the out put shaft of a KSE steering pump. These are used on Tilton clutch unit. This coupler connects the hex shaft coming off the cam spud to the power steering unit. Call or text during the day if possible. Also, if U know anyone that makes this part.
Phil Poor

diversified 1/6/19 11:42 AM

Glen Sander Engineering. You can by the whole assembly or the individual pieces. You may need to make your own hex shaft for the length you need for your particular engine combination and Tilton clutch assembly. Probably 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 long

Poorboyjocko 1/12/19 4:15 PM

Thanks..ordered a couple..🏁🏁

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