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Duke17 11/8/15 12:20 PM

Ford Motorsport Water Temp Gauge 2-5/8" $20
Bell housing with torque tube collar $200
2-Midget bead breakers $20 each
2-Beast Mag motor plate for Gaerte $75 ea
Winters lower shaft $30
31 spline spacers (24 splined/16 non splined) and nuts (4-alum/2-Mag) $300.00
Box of 2-Ed Pink ignitions with spares and tools Best Offer
Kinsler Injection Manifold for Gearte with air cleaners $450
Torque tube $75
2-Tilton Focus Super Starters $200 each
Midget wheel cover $10
Intercomp tire temp gauge $100
Longacre tire temp gauge $65
1- pair MPD hubs with alum rotor $200.00
Radius Rods-Aluminum- 3-30",1-42",4-38",1-35",1-29",1-28-3/4",1-39-1/2",1-40". $10 each
6-Mudslinger Inner Wheel Covers for 31 spline axle-$20 each
2-Mag Brake Rotor Mounts-$50.00 each

1-Esslinger Stainless Steel Header $500.00
1-Esslinger cam $500.00
1-Esslinger injection with stacks and air cleaner base $600.00
Several Esslinger cam followers $60.00 each
2-Coast muffler $150.00 and $100.00
2- Sets of Esslinger JE pistons $100.00 each
4-Gaerte/KSE MSD crank trigger mounts-CNC'd-very nice, brand new- $150.00 ea
Call Duke 317-450-7564. Can take PayPal.
Can send pics. Buyer pays shipping.

nate1582 11/12/15 8:49 PM

Can you please send me pics. 5188447602

Duke17 11/12/15 8:59 PM

Pics sent. Let me know if you have any questions.


Tony20 11/13/15 10:28 PM

Re: Midget Parts and Tools
Does the wheel wrench fit 2 1/4" nut. If so can you send pic 816-529-4259

Duke17 11/14/15 8:24 AM

Fits 2-1/4" nut and sent pic. Thanks

Motoxman17 11/17/15 2:58 PM

Pics please 775-338-2537

Duke17 11/17/15 7:40 PM

Pics sent

Duke17 11/19/15 1:45 PM


rick holbrook 11/20/15 12:00 PM

Can you tell me about the Ed pink ignitions?

Duke17 11/20/15 1:19 PM

Two complete systems with battery charger and battery tester with spare parts. Have pics. Send me your number and I will send the pic. Both systems worked good when removed- changed over to MSD like our other cars.


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