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TQ29m 8/14/18 11:20 AM

Midget wheels not purty just cheap!
I just noticed, I have a bunch of midget wheels, mostly rears, all 6 pin, different widths/offsets, not pretty by any means, but good, cheap, usable wheels, I got over pretty a long time ago, not that I don't like pretty, but it's not long till they look like these, straight, don't leak, I've used them all, but 4 is all I need anymore, few bead locks in the bunch, maybe a spline center or 2, $20.00 each + shipping, or pick up, drive by for a bundle deal. I can send pictures, but don't mess with it unless you are serious, like I said, not pretty, but useful.

ChuckH 8/21/18 8:17 PM

Where are you located

Unlucky#9 8/22/18 8:49 AM

Re: Midget wheels not purty just cheap!
Bob's in Seymour IN.

TQ29m 8/22/18 4:54 PM

Re: Midget wheels not purty just cheap!
Thanks, Casey, I'm working on a secret project, as I still have my security clearance, while I'm under the radar! LOL I really am, I can't even tell my wife.:20:

Dgilby2 8/26/18 10:06 AM

Can you call or text me please 7854243244
Thanks Dustin

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