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nathans1012 8/13/19 11:26 PM

Vermilion Co Speedway (Danville, IL) - Track Being Bulldozed
Vermilion County Speedway - Danville, Illinois
Track being bulldozed.
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oppweld 8/14/19 5:44 AM

A sad day indeed! I didn't make it to alot of shows there, but I can say the on track action was always top notch. I never saw a bad race there. They should run one final open competition Sprint and midget show and send her out in style!

Jerry Shaw 8/14/19 9:36 AM

Re: Vermilion Co Speedway (Danville, IL) - Track Being Bulld
This is sad. When Spiker had that place, it became one of those tracks that week in and week out, was producing great racing. You could count on it. Hard work, but also a nice track configuration.


Charles Nungester 8/14/19 9:47 AM

Re: Vermilion Co Speedway (Danville, IL) - Track Being Bulld
Other than the southern il center, Only other track in IL i've been too. IL sprint week 2009

ThrowbackRacingTeam 8/14/19 9:57 AM

Another historic racetrack gone. Just not enough interest in racing these days for many reasons and will only get worse as I see very few of the younger generation have interest in it at all. Enjoy it while you can and attend as much as possible!

TQ29m 8/14/19 10:52 AM

Re: Vermilion Co Speedway (Danville, IL) - Track Being Bulld
I'll have to agree, must be gold or something there, where that track is located, or so I remember, wasn't really prime for anything else, wasn't all that hard to get to, and had a friendly atmosphere, I think that was my first track to run my TQ on, we'd been rained out so many times that season, twice there already, I'll never forget the feeling, when that jeep rolled up on my rear bumper, hell's bell's, we were already going too fast before we even hit the track for my first ride, and my oil pressure was slow getting up, I finally signaled him off about halfway down the front straight, and about that time my oil pressure came up, and I didn't have to exit, I had not had it started since I bought it, so it took a while, but that is etched in my memory, just like on a hard drive, it was so funny, later, and even yet today. Does that mean the Fair grounds also? As I recall, as far as Fairs go, it was pretty low on the list. Yes, racing doesn't seem to interest a lot of folks anymore, and most you see at the tin top crowd are sitting high on the hill, in their hi end motorhomes, that just ain't where it's at for me.

racenut69 8/14/19 11:40 AM

Re: Vermilion Co Speedway (Danville, IL) - Track Being Bulld

Jerry Shaw 8/14/19 5:40 PM

Re: Vermilion Co Speedway (Danville, IL) - Track Being Bulld

flagboy55 8/14/19 7:12 PM

Some fair boards you can work with and some you canít. Giving the different people that have tried to work with the SAME fair board, from a distance, it looks like itís the one constant thatís the problem

Non wing lover 8/14/19 8:32 PM

This is the second track in the illili state to cease racing LaSalle also

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