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Midget 89 6/15/19 9:49 AM

Tom Paterson
Prayers for Tom Patterson, longtime sprint car driver, who is hospitalized after a hard crash Friday night at Kalamazoo Speedway. Patterson was racing with Auto Value Super Sprints.

BrentTFunk 6/15/19 10:36 AM

Re: Tom Patterson
Hang in there Tom. A great, classy guy.

Stevensville Mike 6/15/19 11:02 AM

Re: Tom Patterson
Yes, Tom.... get well soon. We are all hoping for the best. Always liked your posts.

And Tom might not say it, but the Adult OCD in me will: Tom spells his last name with only one "t" in it. Nonetheless, thanks for bringing this unfortunate incident to our attention, Midget 89. He has lots of friends.

PIT CART 6/15/19 11:02 AM

Get well Tom🏁😭

i love dirt track racing 6/15/19 11:11 AM

Wishes the best for you Tom and your family's. Get well soon. Thanks.

Non wing lover 6/15/19 11:38 AM

Praying for you tom get well take care

Kinser11 6/15/19 3:27 PM

Re: Tom Patterson
Thought and Prayers to Tom, Family Argos Express Team!

Always a class act. Tom always had some great logic, and humor.

How about someone come up with a T-Shirt, or something that can can be promoted.

A few extra bucks for the family always comes in Handy.

Charles Nungester 6/15/19 4:38 PM

Re: Tom Patterson
Get well Tom!

Puppy 6/15/19 11:15 PM

Re: Tom Patterson
Tom's a great guy, hate to hear this. I'm sure he'll mend soon and be back as strong as ever!

Bad Dad 54 6/16/19 4:07 PM

Re: Tom Patterson
Kevin Feeney posted this yesterday
"Spent some time with him this afternoon after he got out of recovery. He is in good spirits, surgery went well ribs and lung will take some time. Typical Tom and a true racer said he didn't like that car anyhow but was worried about the engine because the tach hit 9000. Was more concerned about that before the safety crew even had him out of the car!":8:

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